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GREEN is her last name, and so is her life! Ashantae is an advocate for environmental equity,  education, and sustainability. Her deepest passion is connecting the community to a green lifestyle and ensuring that all communities have access to a healthy planet.


     So much of her life has centered around Green living-whether actively engaging communities to be green or living in spaces that were not green at all. You see, Ashantae grew up in Jacksonville on the East Side and witnessed the impacts of environmental inequities during her childhood. In 32206, there were higher rates of asthma and heat stroke among children because of the lack of trees, factories and the fact that highways cut through mere meters from playgrounds, spewing carbon emissions, making neighborhood up to 10 degrees warmer. However this story is not unique to her. There are people across the First Coast-from Jacksonville working to keep the St. Johns and waterway clean: to the Beaches, dealing with erosion & plastic pollution; to Baldwin concerned with food insecurity & inequitable access; to north-side Jacksonville where flooding and contaminated soil goes unaddressed, these citizens deserve better. Each of these communities and so many others create the diverse biosphere that is Duval County, her home. It’s a biosphere that needs to be cared for and protected. Ashantae plans to amplify her current work to do this and more while in office. # AGreenDuvallForAll


     Ashantae is committed to supporting this great community by co-creating the Circle of Caring Jax, a sustainable non-profit that gardens & rescuing food from local farms and grocery stores to divert waste and improve communities that are food insecure. Ashantae has also worked with students from grades K-12 to teach them about the choices they can make to ensure the future of this planet. Along with youth, community members and volunteers, Ashantae has conducted several community clean-ups and service projects. During each of those She got to see the beauty of the First Coast, not just in the land, but also reflected in the people. Duval County residents deserve to know and have equitable access to how their soil and water can enhance their lives. Ashantae would be honored to be the candidate who brings both a vast understanding of the strengths and challenges our communities face. That’s why, Ashantae Green, is asking for your vote on November 3, 2020 for the Duval Soil & Water Conservation District Group, 4 


Product of Duval County Public Schools (DCPS)
R.L Brown Elementary
Kirby Smith Middle
Asa Philip Randolph Academies.

Graduate of (FSCJ) Florida State College at Jacksonville


Manger of a community garden in a food insecure area.
Member of Garden Club Jacksonville’s outreach and virtual programming committees.

Co-founder of, Circle of Caring Jax, a sustainable non-profit dedicated to helping families, by providing educational resources and mostly organic food, rescued from local farms & grocery stores to divert food waste & improve food security in communities.

8 years – US. Green Building Council, Board Member & Green Socials Committee Chair, Women in Green Moderator. EP of the Year Nominee.

13 Years – The Architecture Construction & Engineering (ACE) Mentor program Northeast FL. Alumni, Board Member & PR committee chair.


Current DCPS volunteer & mentor of High School Students.

Owner of an architectural, digital design & consulting firm that specializes in construction, sustainability & conservation. Recipient of “Green” industry certifications & designations including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Associate.

Professional Memberships:
National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA), U.S Green Building Council, Northeast FL Green Chamber, 



Paid and approved by Ashantae Green for Duval Soil & Water Conservation District, Group 4

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