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We must raise awareness for conservation & soil and water stewardship in the county. The St. Johns River, creeks,tributaries, beaches, land, and wildlife are some of our greatest assets. We need to protect them for future generations. Conservation within the county can be prioritized without excessive taxpayer dollars. This is possible through strong partnerships with affiliate agencies, environmental organizations, and local volunteer groups who create awareness about conservation issues & fundraising private grants & sponsorships. Preserving our natural resources improves our overall well being, quality of life, health increases property values, and provides economic value in tourism, business and new.

In a county as large as Duval, it is imperative that all communities have access to clean water and soil. Our county is currently higher than the national average and state average for food insecure households. We have to be intentional about sharing available resources to make more equitable living across our city. I believe that Northeast Florida has the ability to be the model community to show how much greater communities are when we ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to grow up safe, healthy and educated. We have to be committed to fairness, justice and equality in every step of life. 

One of the tenets of Soil & Water District 4 is to educate the community at large on soil, agriculture, land use, and the importance of conservation. Ashantae believes it is imperative to aid communities by providing access to information and resources that can increase awareness. Ashantae plans to amplify her current work in communities to educate on agriculture, urban gardening, as well as soil/water testing and remediation resources. She will work to create partnerships and focus groups to support community gardens and food forests in Duval county. #AGreenDuvalForAll

Agro & Ecotourism is the second largest economic driver in Duval County. From Neptune Beach to White Harvest Farms & Congaree & Penn, our county has deep agrotourism roots. Yet many of our citizens have no idea of the bounty that exists. It is Ashantae’s belief that we need to connect residents with the beauty and fresh foods that surround them everyday by investing in these local agricultural destinations & connecting farmers to families.

These Family Friendly events that happen all around Duval County and focus on cleaning & beautifying the community, planting trees & produce, giving to those in need & educating Duval count residents about conservation of resources.

A Live show featuring interviews, Q&As & conversations with eco experts and leaders. Ashantae Green’s format approaches community education on conservation, sustainability & the environment, in a real, relaxed, & relatable way.

Ashantae Green addresses different environmental topics each month. The topic is covered on social media & a Virtual Movie Night on the Last Friday of EVERY Month. Visit the webpage to see topic-specific events & education resources.


Paid and approved by Ashantae Green for Duval Soil & Water Conservation District, Group 4

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